Traditional Chinese Medicine

Huimin Liu and her family have been in Chinese Medicine for over 80 years assisting people in small villages on theYantze River. Today, Huimin Liu’s grandmother is 80 years old and continues to help heal people by using Chinese herbs.

Huimin Liu earned a degree from China and her Master’s Degree in the United States. She opened her clinic Herbs 4 Cures in 2003 and treats the following conditions:

Pain Management

Weight Loss
Back Sciatica Skin Disorders
Chronic Fatigue Halt Progressive Disorders
Headache – Migraines Enhance Athletic Performance
Asthma / Allergies Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
Stress Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Ulcers Bronchitis and Liver Disorders
Hypertension Non-Surgical Face Lift
Female Disorders Diabetes
Smoking and Drug (Addiction,
Prevention and Stoppage)